Turquoise Butterfly Bangle

Turquoise Butterfly Bangle

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Sterling Silver cuff Bangle with an oval set Turquoise surrounded by a beautifully etched image of a Butterfly. Made out of Solid Sterling Silver this bangle is one size fits all as it easily adapt and mold to your wrist shape and size.

This piece has been hand crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Turquoise is well known and used stone in Native American and Tibetan traditions.
When wearing Turquoise it promotes: Heart centered communication, helps to alleviate stress, assists with healing, well use by healers and shamans through-out history to help self healing and healing of others. Other uses are for grounding and protection. 
Associated with the Throat Chakra
Birthstone for December

The Butterfly is a beautiful symbol of transformation - Shows how a Caterpillar can go through an amazing transformation and completely re-emerge into something else: other meanings for Butterfly can be: Renewal, Rebirth, moving through the end of a life cycle and the begining of another, metamorphosis in your life & Powerful transformation.