Isis Pendant

Isis Pendant

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Sterling Silver Isis Pendant

Size: 26x18mm

This pendant is hand crafted by a silversmith in Luxor, Egypt.

It has been made with love for those who wear it, especially for those who are connected with the Egyptian Goddess Isis who is know as the the ancient Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic and medicine.

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The beautiful Goddess ISIS ~ The story of Isis & Osiris is one of great love, physical death, resurrection, divine conception & Ascension - Osiris the husband of Isis was killed by his brother chopped into pieces and scattered around different locations. Isis travelled to reclaim all the pieces of her beloved and upon bringing the pieces back together restored his spirit/soul back in the body to bringing him back to life. As not all pieces were physically intact they interdimensionally concieved their son Hours who was the embodiment of their energy which enabled him to become a great leader. Upon this great act of love allowed them to Ascend into higher states of consciousness. This was the original sacred mystery school teachings after the fall of Lumeria & Atlantis. They were then able to teach others to go through this process of Ascension without going through physical death. This set up the main stage for many years of masters and teachers who walked this path, embedded the light codes for the magical time we are now living upon.