Sterling Silver Ankh

Sterling Silver Ankh

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Sterling Silver Ankh

Size: 25mm

This pendant is hand crafted by a silversmith in Luxor, Egypt.

Facet design Ankh pendant

The ancient Egyptian Ankh is the symbol for 'eternal life' and a tool which was used to harness energy to assist with creation and restoration of the life force

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The Ankh is was used in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings which was a tool which enabled the masters to amplify sexual energy - Egyptian Ankhing was used to help rejuvenate the physical body through orgasm and tantric practice. The symbol can be looked at in two different way:
One it can be seen as the unity of the masculine and feminine merged together when you look at the base as the male and the loop being the female merged in the heart space union.
Second is the Ankhing practice of the human body and as they hit the point of orgasm, as they sexual energy rises from the lower chakras and move up the spine instead of allowing it to flow through out of the crown, they would loop the energy from the heart chakra up around and then back into the heart which would then amplify this energy back into the body and help restore the physical body and also enhance their state of conciousness.