Simply Black - Eco Espadrilles

Simply Black - Eco Espadrilles


Eco-Friendly Espadrilles which are made substantially unique from recycled materials - the soles are made from recycled rubber and canvas uppers made from a combination of cotton and recycled materials.  Super comfortable and made suitable for every and all occasions. They are designed to mold to your feet and the way you walk so they become the uniquely your own shoe.

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These shoes are made with ecological raw materials. All our shoes soles are made from reused material such as rubber or micro-gel. In order to reuse the sole leftovers, the off-cuts are frozen at -4 °C crushed and added back to the mix. This process avoids wastage and is friendly to our environment, it also makes every sole unique, just like every footprint!

The production is 100% Made in Brazil. Majority of the process is hand crafted

The shoes upper are designed and made with traditional patterned and textured fabrics developed from the reuse of recycled tissues and plastic bottles.

They are very practical and extremely comfortable, flexible and less rigid. Because of the different structure and when made out of Ecological fabrics, they show a certain suppleness and will become plush and expand. Ecological fabrics, are more susceptible to expand than the ones made out of regular fabric such as polyester.
The expansion may also vary because people’s feet aren’t a standard shape & size. Some feet sizes might vary up or down by half a size. When purchasing your shoes, remember that depending on the raw material it may expand a little until it adjusts to your foot and the way you walk. Therefore, it is supposed to feel just right, but not tight on your toes.

Follow those tips and you will enjoy your beautiful & comfy shoes!