Round Cut Clear Quartz Pendant

Round Cut Clear Quartz Pendant


These beautiful Clear Quartz pendants are cut in a multi-facet design which enhances the light reflected from them and creates a Rainbow effect. They are Silver plated and have a small coloured stone on the front - Your choice of three colours avaliable Pink (as pictured) Purple & Yellow

This piece has been hand crafted in southern Brazil. 

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Clear Quartz Crystal is known as an energy amplifier it has very powerful healing properties it is known to absorb, store and release and assisting regulating energy and fantastic for removing energy blockages. Clear Quartz also stores information and by meditation with one you can tap into deeper spiritual information and insights. It is great for assisting the physical body to heal as it stimulates the immune systems and brings the body back into a state of balance.
It can be great to use with other crystals helping them amplify their properties.