Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing Session


This service is available in person in our beautiful space in Upwey, Melbourne Australia or Via Phone/Video Chat 

One hour session

Energy Healing Session assists with aligning and balancing our energy centers and energy body - which then flows through our Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical aspects. 

Energy Healing can be applied and useful for any aspect within us that might need extra support. Clearing out old emotional wounds & traumas ~ re-aligning new energy & DNA upgrades ~ Assist to open up more intuitive and spiritual insights ~ Clearing past life energy ~ Easily adjustments to higher light frequencies within the body ~ Creating space to shift old physical ailments and imbalances within the body.

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What happens within an Energy Healing session is we work with the energy patterns to clear them so that we can start attracting new experiences and new reality into our lives. This process allows us to connect into a deeper awareness of ourselves so that we can make empowered decisions to live a life with passion and purpose.

To place it in technical terms think of a computer which isn’t working properly it’s accumulated a few viruses and it’s slow just not quite working like it used to. In this case we would hit the ‘restore factory settings’ button. Having a Healing Energy session it just like hitting the reset button!

It can be profoundly transformative in many ways, as it helps restore heal for the emotional, mental and physical.

Physical illness or dis-ease is created in the body almost like an indicator that we have moved off course on our life path. The body is incredibly intelligent far beyond what we give it credit for, in the most cases, any type of dis-ease is a way of the higher all-knowing aspect of ourselves communicating with us to get our attention.