Energy Update - June Big Waves of Supportive Cosmic Energy

As we say goodbye to May and welcome June as we are heading rapidly towards the halfway mark of the Year, we look back and simply wonder where the time has gone.

Last week of May we had the Super New Moon which stirred up quite a bit of emotion for many, amongst it all we found lots of frustration and anger rising to the surface in a massive way. Events trigger some massive childhood wounds which were ready to be unearthed within our Energy Fields, things which we thought had healed came back up for one last evaluation before we can move though into the next phase of the energies incoming throughout June into Solstice which marks the halfway point of not only the year but the midway point of light and dark are equal and find their balance.

One thing to notice is the confusion and brain fog which has been quite prevalent over the past few weeks as time seems to dissolve as the linear way we have known it for eons, we are in bouts of waves of confusion. As we couldn’t possibly process through our minds what is happening on higher levels which makes our mind confused as we move into different energy states. The best way to navigate through these changes and states of indecisiveness and confusion is to try bypass the ‘ego mind’ which can also be known as the naysayer mind (always telling you why you cannot do something and what’s not possible) and move into the heart space listen to the soft and gentle call which will always show you the way and guide you to where you’re meant to be.

Over the past few weeks we have had some big cosmic energy influxes which has been stirring up our physical bodies, many people having flu symptoms or as I always like to refer to as FLU = Frequency Light Upgrades. As our bodies are opening up for more light energy into our energy fields and make way for the new we also need to dispose of what is not in vibrational match and so the purging comes out in physical form.

As we entered in to June we were welcomed with a big surge of cosmic energy then followed up by a C7 Solar Flares and those who are sensitive to these types of big energy can really throw you off balance. Somethings which I have notices over the years as more and more people become attuned and adjust is – massive wave of anxiety (for no reason) as it stirs up our solar plexus and our ‘personal will area’ – Vertigo and dizziness, high pitched ringing in the ears, nausea, lack of concertation and jittery and for others it can just be extreme fatigue.  It is also through these periods where will experience restless sleep and overactive minds. It can feel very intense during these periods so I always recommend to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Ground by being out in nature and rest as much as possible just riding the wave as it will soon pass.

The wonderful thing once these moments to pass is was start to have a renewed sense of direction and clarity, inspirational ideas start to flow through and can led us to the next inspired cause of action.

One thing which I have noticed over the coming days is a rise in uplifting energy supporting us and helping us align with purpose, if things haven’t been quite coming together over the first half of this year, just wait to see then next half of the year unfold and all the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

Remember that we have such an amazing capacity to focus on and create our own experiences, so be extremely mindful of where you are placing your attention as they say “attention goes where energy flows” so place more attention as to the highest possible desires and let the things which you don’t want become less dominate in your focus and retraining the mind to focus on the love, joy and prosperity in which you truly deserve. That is the theme for what June is calling for!

As we are moving through such interesting times on Earth and so much is shifting and changing around us from moment to moment, it can almost be impossible to visualise what life will be like and how it will unfold though the incredibly well orchestrated Divine Plan. As we weave through this period the most optimal way to move through it is to feel our way, rather than the old way of thinking though things. Our Emotions are so powerful and have the ability to bring magic into our lives in every moment.  So no matter where your currently situated in your personal journey you may not have control over external situations or people, However you do HAVE CONTROL over how you feel and these powerful high range of emotions such as LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS & GRATITUDE can completed change and steer your life from one situation to bring about beautiful changes.

Wishing you all magical blessing for whatever amazing things June has in store for you!

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Love, Light & Blessings to all

Alisha xx