Energy Update May 3, 2017 - May moving us into Higher Grounds!

Congratulations to everyone we have made it to May and heading towards the second half of 2017! And what a ride it has been so far! This current Energy forecast is quite a mixed bag (what new for this year?)

We have move through some tremendous shifts in the past few weeks. Individually and collectively. One common theme which seems to be arising is lots of lower level emotions arising and releasing, wide range of emotions from fears, anxieties, sadness, core grief & disillusionment. Feeling bouts of Anger and frustration of what has been presented in our current lives.

What we are experiencing emotionally is so much greater than us right now, as we are all connected therefore we can tap right in to where the collective consciousness is at in any moment, especially those of us who are sensitive and empathic, it has been some very intense times throughout April and it has been challenging to find a middle ground and a balanced state. Our minds continue to tick over as our ‘EGO’ mind is clearing out our limited beliefs which no longer serves us.  

More physical symptoms arise as we are starting to have what I would like to call “Advanced Ascension Symptoms” ranging from – Flu like symptoms, sore throats, neck and shoulder pain, muscle aches and tension, blurred vison, chest pains & heart palpitations, dizziness and vertigo, mind fog & memory loss, lapse of time and anxiety & panic attacks. Ohhh and did I forget to mention the extreme fatigue!?  

One thing which has been very noticeable is that the Energy during the days has been very heavy and gets increasingly lighter in the afternoons and in the Evening is a much higher frequencies, it’s beyond comparison on the Frequency levels during the day & night!

May Energies is really pushing us beyond what hasn’t worked out in the past and moving us into higher grounds. We are having a tremendous amount of celestial energies supporting us throughout May to step into what we have come here to do. If you feel that you have a calling or a higher purpose to do something great in the world NOW is the time. As we are being asked to be courageous and step into our truth and start pathing the way of the many great things which will proceed as we walk along the path of being true to ourselves and our calling.

As we take daily guided steps in the direction our soul is guiding us we will notice an increase in synchronicities which will propel us forward in greater ways than what would could have possibly imagine.

If we look back at the things which didn’t work out in the past, there is good reason for that. Road blocks are always placed in ways so that we look at things differently and seeing the other possibilities. This is all about long term growth and pathways now, and grounding what is for the benefit of all. Projects and ideas which haven’t fully worked or been stagnate for some time will start to move forward again which is great news. Making sure that what you are doing is fully aligned with your heart space and doing what you love.

The darkest night always proceeds the dawning of new light, so if you have been feeling down and out over the past few weeks rest assure that much brighter days are to come. This has been such a profound transformation of deep healing which we have been going through. It’s really a time to look back and reflect on how far we have come and be proud to say that you are no longer the person you once were. No matter where you are currently situated in your life know that these times never last forever they are here to teach us so many things so that we can grow and evolve and become that beautiful butterfly.

As always sending so much love & light to all in all the areas where it is needed the most.

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Blessing to all


Alisha & Elle