Energy Update -New SUPER Moon - Being the light in the World!

Energy Update 22-5-17

As we welcome the birth of a new week and moving swiftly towards the Super New Moon on the 26th – which marks another significant burst of rebooting new beginnings for some. With all new Moons it’s a time which marks starting to see our manifestation materialising in the physical world, yet this one being a SUPER new moon has much more velocity behind it.

Therefore things which have potentially been on hold for quite some time and plans, projects, opportunities and even relationships which have been in a stagnate or slow moving pace will quickly build up momentum as we move at a much faster pace than what we could possibly even imagine.

This is great news as we have been feeling the frustrations of late, putting in the hard yards and not seeing the rewards or benefits…. Well just you wait. We are going to start to see how and why things were on hold as there is always a sense of a larger ‘divine timing’ with important things.

If you have been feeling the urge to start something new, now is the perfect time to get out there and shine your light brightly, there is no more time for playing it small in the shadows, no one can see you there and what you have to give to the world!

We all come equipped with gifts and talents which we have brought through from lifetimes of practice and experience and the universe calls you NOW to start being more YOU and showcasing these gifts for the benefit of all – If you’re not sure exactly what this is that you can bring, ask yourself what does the world need right now? You might be surprised the answers that return to you. This could be a wide variety of things from inventions to services which can help better the world. Use the resources that you have and allow the synchronicities of everything you need naturally unfold, because once on the path everything you need with just show up, it’s amazing how the universe can just take care of these things.

As a reminder the world definitely needs more peacekeepers, wisdom keepers, wayshowers and healers one who can stand strong in the heart of the tornado and illuminate the way to empower others to do the same, imagine a world were more and more people stood firmly in their light – what a magical world we are moving towards!

Last week we were in the middle of one of the most intense geomagnetic storm, as this light influx continues to enter into Earth’s ether our body is going through tremendous amounts of upgrades and transformation. As this happens in real time you might notice aches and pains especially in the legs and shoulders, flu symptoms, and last week especially felt like we were having our entire nervous system rewired, moments of high alert and waves of anxiety feeling as though adrenals are working overtime right now and HOT flushes has been a big theme over the last week, feels as though we are all getting charged up by this strong energy the sun is putting out. Many people too have been experiencing vertigo, dizziness and lots of heightened sensitivity connected with this.

As always stay grounded, hydrated and rest when your body calls for it, we are in the middle part of a great paradigm shift and we are acclimatising to being in a higher energy and frequency state of being, almost like climbing a mountain and getting used to the altitude along the way.

If you need any additional support here at Cosmic Heart we offer – Healing Sessions to help align the body to adjust to these frequencies easier, Readings to help guide and also Purpose Counselling to help people unlock their full potential!

Sending you all blessing love, light & bliss to all for this coming very special and important week.

Alisha xxx