What is Energy Healing?

Many times I get asked the question, what is it that you do? And what is Energy Healing?

So here is the simple breakdown:

Everyone had a physical body as we are well aware, and what surrounds our physical body is an energy body. This stores most of our experiences as well as our emotions and mental thoughts.

When I work with a client, I work within their energy body, helping clear out any stagnate or energy which no longer serves their highest good.

The best way I can explain it, which was a way that was explained to me. Every experience we have our energy captures it, just like a screenshot on your mobile phone, as we have so many experiences there is a sort of filing system which collates all of our different experience into categories which are similar. These then stay within our energy field.

People often wonder why they keep experiencing similar situations in their life, which makes them feel as though they aren’t moving forward.

The answer is very simple, within the law of attraction we attract what we are, therefore on an energy level it makes sense why we would continue attracting similar experiences into our lives.  For an example: You enter into a relationship which in the beginning is very exciting and new, you feel wonderful as it’s very different to what we have experienced in the past, a few months go along and you start noticing a common pattern emerging. Let’s face it we have all been there in many aspect of our lives. Whether it’s on relationships, work, family, financial.

So then we find ourselves noticing a pattern emerging yet again, so we do our best to make changes on a physical level. This process can be very tiring as it take much effort.

What happens within an Energy Healing session is we work with the energy patterns to clear them so that we can start attracting new experiences and new reality into our lives. This process allows us to connect into a deeper awareness of ourselves so that we can make empowered decisions to live a life with passion and purpose.

To place it in technical terms think of a computer which isn’t working properly it’s accumulated a few viruses and it’s slow just not quite working like it used to. In this case we would hit the ‘restore factory settings’ button. Having a Healing Energy session it just like hitting the reset button!

It can be profoundly transformative in many ways, as it helps restore heal for the emotional, mental and physical.

Physical illness or dis-ease is created in the body almost like an indicator that we have moved off course on our life path. The body is incredibly intelligent far beyond what we give it credit for, in the most cases, any type of dis-ease is a way of the higher all-knowing aspect of ourselves communicating with us to get our attention.

Over the years of training with many talented healers around the world and working with hundreds of clients, I have had the privilege to witnessed miraculous healings happen in instantaneously. People without vison able to see again, cancer tumours dissolved within minutes.

Everyone has different experiences which is aligned with their soul’s journey and lesson, however what I have discovered is that there is something profoundly divine which exists within each and every one of us. And sometimes all it takes is this knowledge of what we already know to be reawakened so that we can heal.

Alisha BracheComment