Living From Passion And Purpose

Many people at the moment are starting to feel different, feeling that life is harder to navigate, they get frustrated with the environment which has always served them well. From jobs, careers, relationships and routines.

There has been a massive rise of people starting to feel restless and not sure which way to turn.

People are finding that the things which once brought fulfilment and happiness no longer brings the same feeling of excitement and purpose.

From years of trying to find my place in life, I have always searched for purpose in all that I do, this journey has taken me through many wonderful jobs and experiences where I was very fortunate to gain so many skill and meet amazing people along the way.

For a great portion of my life I would chop and change jobs and career paths, always seeking something new and different. I was observing patterns emerging when I would get into a new job or career things would be wonderful for about 3-6 months and then I would start to sink into a state of disillusionment and depression. I could never understand why that would happen. Was it that I was always striving for a new challenge? And once I had met the challenge there would be nothing left to conquer?

My life was split between working in the corporate sector and then I would move into more community and social work, and at sometimes doing both at the same time.

What I started to realise is that I felt much more drawn to helping people and being of service to help enrich people’s lives so that they could align to being the best version of themselves.

One thing I never got tired of was working with my clients in one-on-one session through counselling, healing and readings. It would be like time was standing still and it would leave me with tremendous sense of purpose and fulfilment.

This brought me to a deeper understanding that people often have the biggest conflict of all, which throws them off living from passion and purpose.

It’s the clash of the heart and the mind. Many people have dreams of wanting to do something magnificent with their lives and quite often that involves being of service to others.

I feel this is true for most people, so what gets in the way of them living a fulfilled and inspired life?

Many people are driven by what they think they should do rather than following what they know they want to do and what resinates on a heart or soul level.

We are brought up in environments and society which places much emphasis on material wealth and gain and we are conditioned to believe that by following that of the many people who come before us will bring us the happiness that we are searching for.

And by striving towards that we move further and further way from what we truly yearn for.

It’s about connecting within and asking from a heart based intention what can I do? How can I serve my community best? What skills and talents to I have that can be shared?

What I have learnt to understand that fear is one of the biggest factors which get in the way of making these choices. Fear of the unknown, Fear that you might fail, fear that you may not be good enough.

When we place these fears asides and realise that life is full of the unknown mysteries, we could fail in something which we are doing right now, and the mind will always want to compare ourselves to others and show us that we aren’t good enough.

People who have been courageous enough to follow their purpose and passion or in essence followed their heart. The gates open up, opportunities and unlimited possibilities start to show up in your life in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

I never tire of hearing success stories of my clients and friends who are astounded on how easily things can just fall into place one they have chosen to align with their passion and purpose.

And not just that; think about all the people out there who are benefiting from their gift to the world.

Take a movement to imagine what the world could look like if people were following their heart and aligning to living from passion and purpose, it gives a very different world view?

Now I ask the question to you, what is it that you have always wanted to do and never took the opportunity to pursue? It’s never too late. Just like waiting at the bus stop, if you miss this one, there will be another one coming. Are you ready?

Alisha BracheComment