Connection Vs. Attechment

One of the great mysteries I have often pondered is why we feel such deep emotions when people enter in and out of our lives.
Why is it that some effect us deeper than others?

The answer which I always come back to is looking at the difference between connection vs attachment.
To put it plain and simple if you hold a person’s hand and let go, does it hurt? No of course it doesn’t.
However if someone grabs hold of your arm and pulls it almost to the point of detaching, does that hurt? Yes it hurts deeply.

That were we look deeper into the relationships that we have and understand the connection or attachment that which we hold.
Often we are closely drawn to people in ways of filling an aspect of ourselves which we no longer have within ourselves or in which was taken away or never there from the beginning.
So when these people enter into our lives we feel a sense of joy, happiness, fulfilment. Often these people are there as mirrors to teach us about aspects of ourselves.
The true lesson comes when they exit out whether it be through death or ending of a relationship or friendship, we hold a deep longing to feel that emotion that we once had.

The true healing and profound transformation comes when we can identify which aspect of that individual we were lacking within ourselves and reclaim that aspect.
In the process of becoming whole once again, we can reclaim many aspects, when we reflect over past relationships and friendships who have made the most impact;
It could be a whole range of emotions from joy, happiness, security but when you get down to the core of each one it come back to self-love.
Finding way to love and accept ourselves as perfect and whole we can start to enjoy our relationships from a deeper level without placing subconscious expectations of external influences to complete us.

The relationships we have in our lives will be the greatest teachers we will ever have, from parents, partners, children and friends.
Who had been your greatest teachers?

Alisha BracheComment