Am I Waking Up? What Does That Mean?

There are lots of changes which are taking place on Earth right now, all of ancient civilisations and indigenous ancestors have spoken about this great change over thousands of years.

If you look back over time all the calendars such as the Mayan and Egyptian they all point to a time in history where time stops. Or does it really? Many people got crazy around the time of 2012 thinking that the end or the final days were coming. What is was really indication that time as we know it, Earth as we know is about to go into a dramatic change.

If you look around through all the Chaos – you will see through that very clearly that our financial system is changing, our political systems are changing and let’s be completely honest people are getting tired of annoyed with the way things are. Which is creating protest and uprising in different parts of the globe. People want change and the time of great change is here NOW.

Things that you may be experiencing within our own internal world which would reflect this change are:

  1. Interrupted sleep patterns, waking up anywhere between 2, 3 or 4am and not being able to get back to sleep.
  2. Vivid dreams – This could be having future visions, dreams of people from your past, dreams coming through in bright colours or possibly having out of world visions and experiences.
  3. Body aches and physical symptoms – Undetected and unexplainable pain in the body which may last a few days and disappear, heart palpitations, headaches, high pitched ringing in your ears, blurred vision the list can go on and on. You may have had experiences where you have gone to seek medical attention and they can’t seem to find anything physically wrong.
  4. Memory loss – unable to remember simple things such as names of people, what you did earlier that morning, or could be in mid-sentence and completely forget what you were saying.
  5. Extreme Fatigue – Needing much more sleep than before, finding that you need to Nap in the afternoon or any time of the day when you can get some rest.
  6. Food Sensitivities – Change in diet and food intake you may start developing sensitivity to foods you have always had, or vice versa foods that you haven’t be able to tolerate before and now
  7. Emotions – Can be erratic, feeling of joy and love to deep lost and confused can happen all within a span of a day or hours for no apparent reason.
  8. Feeling you want big change in your life – Things that have interested you and supported you no longer have the same meaning as you search for more meaning in your life through work, life purpose, connections and family.
  9. Energy flowing through your body – feeling in flux of heat or cold waves throughout your body, feeling tingle sensations like pins and needles throughout your body.
  10. Flu like symptoms – which we like to call Spiritual Flu – the symptoms come on and then leave quickly.


If you have been experiencing some of these symptoms you can feel assure that there is a change happening within your body and your DNA is literally upgrading. The unused DNA which scientists have labelled ‘junk DNA’ is part of our dormant structure which is now starting to awaken. This happens over a period of time and people are all at different stages of the process.


Rest assure that all is well, the best way to navigate these changes are to tune into what your body is asking for. If you require more sleep then sleep. If your body is craving certain food then eat them. It’s about going with what is needed in each moment.


Rather than our logical mind telling us that I have never eaten these things before and/or they aren’t good for me. Your body is much more intelligent than we sometimes give it credit for. Or perhaps I can’t sleep now because that isn’t my regular routine. Just go with what is required in each moment.


Additional things which can help assist are – Drinking plenty of Water this will help your body flush out anything which isn’t in alignment with all the changes, spending time out in Nature – walking or just soaking up the beauty which surrounds us within our environment.  Meditation can be a great tool, to help us clear our minds and connect in to what our intuition is trying to tell us. Energy Healing can also be helpful to assist us with balancing our energy and physical bodies to a correct and more balance alignment.

Alisha BracheComment