Full Moon in Libra April 2017

As we are steadily approaching the FULL MOON on the 10/11th April depending on where you are in the world here in Melbourne Australia it will be at 4.08pm on 11th of April 2017.

FULL MOON in Libra

Full Moons are always a great time to release what no longer serves us in our lives to make way for new and more supportive things to enter into our lives:

This particular Full Moon is under the sign of Libra – which rules our relationships, so you may have found these themes which have been coming forward in the lead up to this one particularly in regards to our closest relationships being stirred up, triggers being pushed and pulled. Especially with Venus in retrograde. We are being asked to re-examine which of our relationships are for our highest good, so many might be finding we need to break through barriers of re-modelling our relationships to make sure that they are supporting us 100%

This could be all areas of Relationships – Romantic, Business, Friendships, and Family etc but most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves. So remember to be very gentle loving and nurturing with ourselves especially over this Full Moon – Indulge and do something special for yourself, massive self-care time – Run a hot bath, candles, meditate whatever brings you the most peace.

I always find that people who are particular sensitive with energy can feel the effects of the Full Moon a few days leading up and a few days after it passes. Sometime it can be quite intense so keep this in mind, if you are feeling unusual amounts of stress, things seem to be going a miss or your just plain and simple feeling very emotional. Honor whatever it is that your feeling and know that this too will pass.

I have notice in the past few days, a real heaviness in the air. There is a sense of fatigue, feeling flat, and some aspect of sadness & grief in things not completely working out in the ways we had hoped or imagined. It’s an interesting sensation which almost reminds us of some of the heavier layers we were shedding back in 2016. It almost feels like a mini “Dark night of the Soul.” If you have been feeling this way don’t be discouraged by it very much in the collective consciousness at the moment and it is trying to lift off in a big way. So as this full moon passes be prepared for lift off and next exciting phase of new beginnings to start to unfold in our lives in unexpected ways. I keep hearing and seeing “Expect Miracles.”

Just remember that there are reasons that things haven’t worked out in the past, because there is a much bigger, greater higher existence at play. AND WE ARE IN THE MIX OF SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING HOW THIS ALL UNFOLDS.
I always like to recommend to people to do a little Full moon ritual if that resonates for you. By writing down a list of things of which you are willing to release and let go of and then burn that piece of paper releasing with that the energy of what no longer serves.

Always remember: If you’re needing extra support during this time feel free to ask us about our Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive oracle card readings or 1:1 Sessions for Ascension/Spiritual Coaching.

Sending so much love, light & bliss
<3 Alisha & Elle