Energy Report 15th April 2017

Major themes which seem to be playing out at the moment as we have just passed this monumental Full Moon – Which I must say was one of the most intense Full Moon’s I have felt in a very long time. The three days around the full moon so much was coming up for release in regards to our relationships with ourselves and others. One particular insight which came through during this time was that life always offers us a mirrored perception of ourselves so whatever situation arises in our own personal lives which we perceive as negative is simply an opportunity to look deeper within so that we can heal and transform ourselves. Our entire outer would can be changed and transformed simply by us allowing to transform our inner world. Which means letting go of negative and false stories about ourselves which we have accumulated since birth and possibly beyond going back and healing lifetimes of hurt pain and feelings of not being enough. When we can awaken to our true divine nature and truth that we are we are whole and complete exactly as we are. Things and situation which would once trigger us are no longer present in our realities. This is massively powerful as it can have a profound effect on those around us too. When we act in loving ways towards ourselves and others it gives them permission to be the same way and that flow on effect and transform families, communities and the entire planet.

Needless to say that the astrological alignments are certainly assisting us with becoming more of who we truly are and less of what that mind wants us to believe.
It feels as though the pendulum is swinging at the moment as we are integrating higher and higher energies from one moment feeling that sense of inner peace that everything is perfect, and in the next moment feeling the high anxiety and fear. Always remind yourself in those unpleasant states that this too shall pass. As we experience every aspect of emotion and to be ok with whatever is presented in each moment.
It certainly feels more and more that we are bridge between two worlds – in those moments of joy and peace we are in the higher octaves on the dimensional continuum and in the times of fear and uncertainty in dip down lower on the spectrum. This gives our bodies time to adjust before the next shift occurs. At present many are feeling a great need for additional sleep and rest. If possible allow your body to do what it needs to. As we sleep and rest our physical bodies we recalibrate energy upgrades and we are much more in a state of allowing for our body to do what it needs to.

Timeline jumps and distortions in perception are also a big theme in the past three days, noticing objects appear and disappear or move into different places. If you are really observant you will start to notice these ‘Matrix Glitches’ as a small example I walked into a shop noticing that everything was in order and upon leaving the entire front window was completed shattered and boarded up. This is what some call quantum jumping as we notice different realities overlapping. 
Time distortions finding that hours pass in a split second and then other moments feel like they are going on forever and only a few minutes have passed. It showing us more and more the illusion of time as we have learnt to understand.

Today on Saturday 15th of April our beloved planet of Venus goes direct after being in retrograde since March 4 – This gives us opportunities to re-examine, revaluate and overhaul ourselves in the area of Love – self-love, romantic love and financial areas of our lives. In particular doing what you love to bring in abundance. You may have noticed over the past 6 weeks tiding up lose end perhaps in old relationships, clearing the slate with old projects which no longer feel inspired to continue. And redefining what feels best to move forward with. In addition to that we are being assisted to delve deeper into honouring our self-worth and self-appreciation. I clearly remember at the end of the last Venus retrograde which was 18 months ago, declaring to myself that I was going to honour myself no matter what life threw my way. And as life does it challenges us to push further to re-examine our lives from a very deep and pure place. During this time we can have lots of changes in relationships – some break-ups and breakdowns can result of us clearing things which don’t match our highest good and makes space for other relationships to enter which can be more aligned and supportive. We will still feel the effects of this Venus retrograde for another few weeks as it moves out of the shadow phase, however the intensity won’t be felt as strong.

On the topic of Planets Retrogrades we have a Retrograde party happening in the skies at present, I am no astrologer, however I have followed planetary influences for a long enough to understand how they play a role in effecting certain aspects of our lives: In basic terms when a planet moves in retrograde it makes what appears to be a backward motion relative to Earth axis – however energetically is gives us an opportunity to re-examine & re-evaluate those aspect which the planet represent within our own lives to make positive adjustments and changes. Of course it is going to have different impact on each individual depending on their chats, yet let’s have a look at themes in a basic sense:

Jupiter in Retrograde (February 6 – June 9) Jupiter is the planet of Strength, expansion, higher mind, abstract thinking, higher learning, delving deeper within our spirituality and pushing us to delve out of our comfort zones.
Saturn in Retrograde (April 5 – August 25) Saturn is the planet of hard work, discipline, responsibility, personal boundaries and can also be known as the planet of Karma – you reap what you sow.
Mercury in Retrograde (April 9 – May 3) Mercury is the planet of Communication, technology, intellect and can be known as the trickster planet therefore while in retrograde be in a constant state of flow as things can change in any moment – this also has an impact on our technology devices too – if computers, laptops and other devices will go on the blink it will no doubt happen during this time, therefore I always recommend to back-up any important documents.
Pluto in Retrograde (April 20 – September 28) Pluto is known as the Death and Rebirth planet which can bring about abrupt endings to situations – I can be they destroyer to birth new form – The metamorphosing also connected with politics and leadership. Therefore could be very interesting to see what plays out on the global arena during this time.

So in brief summary – as always be very gentle and loving with yourself – we have so much going on throughout the month of April. With such a mixed bag of energies and astrological alignments. Take each day as it come, each moment by moment. This is such a magnificent time for global evolution and consciousness. Each day brings gifts for our own expansion and growth. If you sit within the present moment and realise how far you have come you’ll be amazed in just how much you have changed and evolved. You’re doing an amazing job!

As always if you’re needing extra support during this time feel free to ask us about our Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive oracle card readings or 1:1 Sessions for Ascension/Spiritual Coaching.
Sending so much love, light & bliss
Love Alisha & Elle