Earth Day, April 2017

April 22 – 2017 Happy Earth Day to all. What a glorious days to celebrate our beloved Gaia, our Mother Earth as known to many indigenous communities around the world. She is a living breathing organism and just like us has her own individual energy and soul.

For those very sensitive souls who feel the energy changes very deeply, we know that as her energy shifts and moves so must we.

Throughout April we have had an enormous amount of Energy rapidly changing as courtesy of a dramatic increase in Solar Activity, Planets Retrograding and some amazingly rare astrological configurations.

As we shift and rise so does our beloved Gaia our beautiful planet. The Schumann resonance is a tool which measure Earths frequency, just like measuring a heartbeat since it was discovered back in 1953 it has hovered between 7-8Hz as a base line measurement, then in 2014 it jumped up to 14-16Hz during some days, towards the end of last year it jumped again to 37Hz which was massive and had never been seen before. Last weekend over Easter it spiked again to 90Hz. This is incredible it shows just how much the frequency is rapidly rising on Earth during this time of transformation.

This is an enormous transitional phase for everyone right now no matter how deeply or lightly you’re feeling it. We are all going through this change together, when you look around everyone seems to be dealing with one thing or another. On the emotional front we are purging some of the deepest core wounds around self-belief and limited thinking as we are being stretched to let go of our EGO or ‘small mind’ to increase our higher states of consciousness and fully embody and be self-aware of our true magnificence.  Letting go can be a very painful process if we resist changes and not be in a state of flow and allowing. As we continue to let go of things which have served us for many years be it jobs, people, relationships and could just be ways of thinking and how we view ourselves we make way for so much beauty to radiate back to us. You just don’t know what is on the flip side of this amazing life changing shift.

So as always if you need addition support during this time as it can be quite intense. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to book a session or make any enquiries of how Healing Session can best support you.

Much love & Light Alisha & Elle