Baobab Lavender And Goji Berry Lemonade

So refreshing and beautiful, delicate and calming... And a superb anti flu drink:)

4 small lemons juiced
1/4 Cup Goji berries, soaked in 1/2 cup filtered water for 20 minutes. (Reserve water)
1/2 tsp baobab powder
1 Drop Young Living (or other FOOD GRADE) lavender essential oil
Pinch vanilla powder/extract/1/4 bean scraped
2-3 dates pitted
Small handful mint
Pinch salt
Filtered water

Add all ingredients to the blender (including goji soaking water) and blend on high until beautifully combined. Taste and add extra filtered water slowly until desired taste is reached (depending how sour you like your lemonade). You can strain this but I love getting every bit of goodness from these precious ingredients:)

Elle BerkmanComment